Sex & Relationships

Is Your Sex Life Non-Existent?
Has trust been broken?
Feeling Alone?
Losing faith in love?


Relationships can feel like work.  But hopefully it’s a job you want to go to.
Whether you’ve been together for decades or hate being single,
relationships can be hard to start and maintain. 

Life happens and our sex life and relationships are often the first to be tossed the side.

Lies, being polite, avoiding reality – are all probably not working.
Let’s try something else that DOES WORK


Are you frustrated by any of these:

  • Feeling unsexy and can’t make the first move, to start or maintain a relationship
  • Losing trust in love
  • Decreased libido or lower sex drive
  • Decreased arousal (e.g. vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction)
  • Pain during or after sex
  • Changes to orgasm
  • Decreased intimacy
  • Problems communicating concerns, leading to silence or avoidance of sex
  • Not sure if marriage is a step you’re ready to take
  • You and your partner can’t stand each other and you’re tired of the stink eye

Are you looking to:

  • Rekindle your ex life
  • Improve your communication with your partner
  • Build back the trust you once had
  • Stop fighting and have fun in your relationship
  • Take bold steps in dating

The Good News Is There’s Many Proven Strategies To Improve Relationships and Your Sexual Wellbeing

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I can sharpen you and/or your partner’s skills to improve your sex life and relationships by not just talking about it, but taking concrete actions that move your relationship forward.  Sex therapy or couples therapy can support you and your partner to enhance sexual wellbeing and relationship satisfaction while being respectful of your world views and beliefs using evidence-based techniques.

I believe that everyone’s sexuality is unique and that rather than categories, sexuality is a spectrum.  I not only welcome individuals from all sexual orientations and identities, my research was the first to develop a psychosexual resource specifically tailored for same-sex attracted cancer survivors, Rekindle.

It’s not going to be easy, but it probably isn’t already

We can work individually or
in couples therapy,
whichever is most convenient


Yes, that’s right.  It can be tough to coordinate schedules or get your partner on board with therapy, so it’s ok to come on your own.  Research has shown relationship improvements in both individual and couples therapy.


Changes to one, generally leads to
a party for two

Hi, I’m Catalina.

Hi, I’m Catalina.

I’ve been working as a clinician, researcher and professor for the past 20 years addressing sex and relationships.  I believe our sexuality is at the core of our existence, but also the first thing to get tossed to the side.

I have developed and tested numerous psychosocial interventions to support individuals and couples improve their sexual wellbeing and relationships.

As the lead investigator for Rekindle we bridged the gap to deliver  psychosexual support to cancer survivors and their partners throughout  Australia.  We are building on this work to further refine Rekindle for LGBTQ populations.

My team and I are also developing, Aviva, the first psychosexual resource for Latina cancer survivors.  We’re testing this across the country, so keep an eye out.

Let’s get started!

Feeling overwhelmed throughout your day, everyday?

Feeling overwhelmed throughout your day, everyday?

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