Program Development, Implementation & Evaluation

Throughout my career I have developed and implemented numerous programs in the United States, Australia, South America and South East Asia to better address psychosocial concerns amongst ill populations. I work with organizations to conduct needs assessments and develop sustainable programs from the ground-up. Having worked in both developed and low to middle-income countries, I design programs to build on existing resources and plan for organic growth.

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I have trained students, doctors, nurses, allied health care professionals and consumers in numerous areas regarding psychosocial wellbeing. As an educator I am proficient at translator research into digestible formats tailored to any audience. My teaching style is interactive, multi-modal and enthusiastic.

Contact me if you would like trainings or continuing medical education (CME) seminars surrounding:

    • How to address psychosocial distress, using existing resources
    • How to reduce burnout and build
    • How to assess psychosocial distress
    • How to clarify roles and reduce ambiguity
    • How to provide acute psychosocial support in changing environments

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