Improving Wellbeing

How Can Mindfulness Improve My Sex Life?

Are you wondering how mindfulness can actually improve your sex life? Well, today I'm going to answer that question, and also give a little background about what mindfulness is, and how you can bring it into the bedroom. One of the ways I teach clients to begin to...

The Not So New, But Newly Talked About Midlife Crisis

This is a fabulous article that really speaks to how midlife can be tough! Midlife Crisis???!!!  This article sums up a lot of how I feel as well as many of my clients. Us GenXers have faced a lot and learned a ton along...

How do I Choose a Therapist? Credentials vs Chemistry

You know you need support but have no idea how to find it or how to choose the right therapist for you? There’s a lot of options out there, so it’s understandable why most people don’t know who to go to and how to decide. Do credentials matter?  And what do all those...

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