Rekindle Your Sexuality

Heal Your Whole Self

You’ve done the work.

You’ve moved through your biggest life challenge.

You’ve begun the healing.

You’re life feels more liveable.

You’re beginning to feel like YOU.







You want connection.


You want intimacy.


You want passion.


You want great sex.











The process of healing often requires or encourages us to be self-focused, just to get through it.  Your reserves were low and you likely didn’t have the energy to think about sex or relationships. That was exactly what you needed at that time in your healing process. 


Now, you need something more.
Now, you can apply your reserves to refocus on your sexuality and nurture relationships.


But, you’re not sure where to start.




You are not alone.


Now that you’ve survived,


it’s time to thrive.

This is where I come in.  


Catalina Lawsin

Hi, I’m Catalina.

I provide psychosexual support to individuals who have done the work to overcome a major life hurdle and are ready to reconnect with their sexual self and engage in healthy relationships.  We’ll start off exactly where you are and get you to where you want to be sexually.   

My approach integrates cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness and existential techniques which I tailor to your strengths and worldview.  My work is holistic, building on my formal training as my own healing incorporating mindfulness, mediation, tantra, beathework, and yog

We don’t live in a bubble, so I’ll work with you and your problems in the context of the culture, systems and norms you live and operate in.  I aim to provide a safe space for individuals from all backgrounds and orientations. 

I’m direct, but not at all judgey. I’m action-oriented and don’t just sit and listen.  My goal for you is to leave our relationship integrated so you can live the sex life you want.



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Marital and Family Therapy

“Dr Lawsin challenged me and together we worked through issues I was facing in my life. I can look back at my life and recognize the positive changes currently implemented. I love the new and empowered ME!”

An Empowered Client



Marital and Family Therapy

She knows how to pull whatever that has you at a standstill out of you; like kicking down a still door, opening the flood gates. ”

An Integrated Client


Marital and Family Therapy

“Dr Lawsin helped me to sort my new feelings and “normalize” them. She helped me to accept my new diagnosis. ”

An Accepting Client


Marital and Family Therapy

She gave me confidence back and let me know that I have a voice

A Client That’s Heard


Marital and Family Therapy

“Dr Lawsin is compassionate, strong, empathetic and exactly what I needed in my life!”

A Happy Client


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