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You want real connection.
You deserve passion.

You want whole body orgasms.
You want great sex.


Well welcome, you’re in the right place.


I’m Catalina Lawsin, a licensed psychologist, researcher and public speaker, specializing in sex therapy.

I see sexuality as central to our health, from the perspective of pleasure and quality of life, not from a dysfunction-based model. 

I have been helping thousands of people around the world achieve their full potential through asserting their sexuality.

My work is incredibly rewarding, and I truly love being able to empower my clients. 



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Marital and Family Therapy

“Dr Lawsin challenged me and together we worked through issues I was facing in my life. I can look back at my life and recognize the positive changes currently implemented. I love the new and empowered ME!”

An Empowered Client



Marital and Family Therapy

She knows how to pull whatever that has you at a standstill out of you; like kicking down a still door, opening the flood gates. ”

An Integrated Client


Marital and Family Therapy

“Dr Lawsin helped me to sort my new feelings and “normalize” them. She helped me to accept my new diagnosis. ”

An Accepting Client


Marital and Family Therapy

She gave me confidence back and let me know that I have a voice

A Client That’s Heard


Marital and Family Therapy

“Dr Lawsin is compassionate, strong, empathetic and exactly what I needed in my life!”

A Happy Client


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Interview with Cosmopolitan

Interview with Cosmopolitan

Ambivalent about your relationship?  Should you keep trying or call it quits?   Living with this ambivalence is stressful to say the least and toxic to say the worst.  If you're not sure what to do about your relationship - know that this is common.  The fantasy that...

Ep 7. Exploring Tantra with Brian Piergrossi

Ep 7. Exploring Tantra with Brian Piergrossi

Season 1, Episode 7 Exploring TantrawithBrian Piergrossi  Host Catalina Lawsin, PhDAbout This EpisodeIn this week’s episode I’m delighted to welcome Brian Piergrossi to the show to chat about tantra. Brian and I explore:~ the pathway of tantra ~ how to harness...

Interview with The Lily

Interview with The Lily

Sex after 40.  Exciting, Daunting, Juicy, Dry, Different- these are all adjectives I've heard women describe sex across every decade.  As we evolve, our sexuality evolves with it.  But how?   I was delighted to be interviewed by Nneka McGuire to answer questions about...

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